Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bill Kaulitz (only scenes)at 100% Karl Lagerfeld - 25.11.2011

"He is THE designer for many people. Also people who are not so familiar with fashion, I think they know Karl Lagerfeld in any case."

"He has a vision. He knows exactly what he wants and how it looks good. He doesn't constrict someone. I've already made photos with many people and I rarely had so much fun as at the shooting with Karl Lagerfeld."

"It was also important for young people. When I watch back now, when I was very young and have lived in the village, I have not much noticed about the fashion industry. H&M is something that many people know and is affordable for all. And it was sensational that a great designer has designed something for H&M."

"He knew a lot about the music industry when we've been talking about young artists, about people who have just begun. And he looks at this. And I also think that is important too. His spirit of the time for music and art, for all the things that arise."

"I can not imagine that we hear nothing more of him someday. As long as he can somehow see straight ahead, he will always be a very important part of the fashion industry."
(Translation by TokioHotel-Info)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BTK Personnal messenger - delayed out

Source : Tom's blog on 23rd November 2011

Tom : " Many fans are really worried, that our app would not work on their device. As we received more and more concerned fan mail within the last days, we feel, that we have to do something about it! Based on your feedback we decided to release the iPhone Version not earlier than the Android version. This means: as many fans as possible will get the same chance to receive all the latest news about us. We have to set up a new release date to make sure both versions are available on the same date. We hope, that all iPhone Aliens can show some sympathy for the Android Aliens and do not blame them for a new, all versions release date! Meanwhile enjoy a first glimpse of the main screen of our brand new APP. We’ll also use the extra time to improve the existing iPhone App version to make it even better!"

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tom's blog - Halloween


My little brother the devil rocking the dancefloor! I have to admit, the costume was awesome. But his dance...not so great ;-)
You'll be able to check out the entire costume in our upcoming app.

Halloween Part 2 - ICI

Eyes wide shut

Somehow I look a bit boring beside Bill on this photo. Well...wait till you see the full picture ;)
...available soon on our app! - Tokio Hotel work a new album

Source :

Tokio Hotel arbeiten an neuem Album

Foto: ddp

Berlin (dapd). Tokio Hotel nehmen neue Songs auf. "Derzeit arbeiten wir im Studio an dem neuen Album", sagte Produzent und Manager David Jost am Mittwoch der Nachrichtenagentur dapd. Die Band werde aber auch in den kommenden Monaten nicht für Interviews zur Verfügung stehen. Tokio Hotel haben sich inzwischen seit mehr als acht Monaten konsequent aus der Medienöffentlichkeit zurückgezogen.

Im Juni unterbrachen sie diese Pause allerdings für einen Auftritt in Japan und standen bei der japanischen MTV Music Award Show auf der Bühne.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MTV O Music Awards 2011- Fan Army FTW

And the winner is ........ Tokio Hotel, with Aliens!!

And for the first time, Aliens win this Fan Army FTW award at MTV O Music Awards 2011. Congratulations Aliens !!

Here the video message of Bill & Tom :