Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alarm by Madame Tussauds - Who robs the wax celebrities?

Source : BILD.DE
For Madame Tussaunds jewelry thieves roam! Again and again, here is a famous wax ladies without earrings.
Bill of Tokio Hotel was now stolen the whole finger.
PR-manager-Nina Kirstin Zerbi (32) believes that the jewelry she secretly taking fans as a souvenir.

Zerbi, "are partially extracting directly from the ear. This is annoying because they have to replace not only earrings, but also the entire ear Jewelry earrings are original stars, often must be re-designed the designer.
others victims: wax figure of Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman or young Hildegard Knef.
Zerbi: "Earrings of men such as Justin Timberleka, were stolen almost never."
The dummy "Tokio Hotel" singer Bill Kaulitz, suddenly there was even without the index finger.
Zerbi, "You need enormous strength to the finger broke." "Operation" was around 5000 Euros.

My video when I visited the Museum on February 2011 - Madame Tussauds à Berlin :

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tom's blog - Fascinating!

Link to the post of Tom : Tom's blog

Bill Kaulitz: The temptation of the blond haired

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Bill Kaulitz in the top 50 of the men to @Glamour_de!

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Herzlich Willkommen, Bill!

Bill Kaulitz darf in unsere Top 50 Männer einziehen


Bill's style

MTV EMA - EMAs Fashion Icon: Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel.

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• Usually it’s the ladies’ wardrobe choices that make the biggest splash on the EMA red carpet. But when it comes to the frontman of the German band Tokio Hotel, his risk-taking style statements prove that men’s fashion can be anything but boring.
Bill Kaulitz, who has said he often conceives of the ideas for his costumes, reinve...nts the glam-punk rock look with bold eye makeup, black leather, and signature gravity-defying hair. (Though he isn’t afraid to get it wet, as he proved at the 2007 EMAs during the band’s performance of “Monsoon.”) Tokio Hotel’s music has earned them an ardent fan following, and Bill’s edgy style has earned him the title of true fashion icon.

Story of Bill Kaulitz's hairstyles by


MTV.NEW - Tokio Hotel is Back in the Studio

Date : 16th september 2012

Source : MTV.NEW

Their Brand New Album Will Be Out in Spring 2012!!!!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen our favorite German Rockers, Tom and Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer and I know we’re all on the edge waiting to hear their new material but looks like it’s all heading our way very soon according to Tokio Hotel's official US website:!

The boys haven’t really been performing much lately but that’s because they moved to Los Angeles and are spending night and day in the studio to work on their new album which is to release in Spring 2012!

Tokio Hotel are a groundbreaking and unique band and always deliver, that’s what’s got fans across the globe going crazy over them.

Their first album as Tokio Hotel, Schrei, sold more than half a million copies worldwide, their second German album Zimmer 483 and their first English album Scream which have combined album sales of over one million copies worldwide. There’s no doubt this album will follow their successful trend.

Marie : "It's false! The new album won't be ready in spring 2012"

Bill and Tom leaving the restaurant Katsuya, Los Angeles

New of September 12th, 2011.

These photos of Bill and Tom which leave the restaurant Katsuya at Los Angeles date September 12th, 2011. Difficult to this this restaurant without that paparazis pursues you. And here is finally Bill with blond hair! And indeed the result is really incredible! I have only a thing to be said! What a beautiful male!!!! I love!!


New of September 08th, 2011 - My post on Goomradio

Gustav, the drummer of Tokio Hotel is 23 years old this day. I take advantage of that to say here that this drummer is really excellent. I know that most of the fans are concentrating on the other lads during concerts. But I invite you during a next concert to look at Gustav on a song at least. It 's really amazing. This guy is extraordinary. Don't change Gustav, you are at the best!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tom Kaulitz drives his Audi R8 through Hollywood

New of September 07th, 2011.

News of our favorite twins in Los Angeles. Photos with Tom and his passion for his Audi R8.

Anecdotally, Audi gave this R8 to Tom in exchange for advertising. And indeed here are some pictures of our guitarist with this magnificent car.

I would like to advertise Ferrari I!! I try! Maybe!

Magnificent photos and magnificent car and great Tom! But what put the world of the fans of Tokio Hotel in excitement yesterday evening, during the publication of these photos, it 's this one:

And yes, we can see Bill , but with a fair hairstyle! AAAAHHHH Bill What happened?! Delirious Aliens yesterday evening on the net! The subject Bill with blond hair! Wahou!!