Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tom Kaulitz drives his Audi R8 through Hollywood

New of September 07th, 2011.

News of our favorite twins in Los Angeles. Photos with Tom and his passion for his Audi R8.

Anecdotally, Audi gave this R8 to Tom in exchange for advertising. And indeed here are some pictures of our guitarist with this magnificent car.

I would like to advertise Ferrari I!! I try! Maybe!

Magnificent photos and magnificent car and great Tom! But what put the world of the fans of Tokio Hotel in excitement yesterday evening, during the publication of these photos, it 's this one:

And yes, we can see Bill , but with a fair hairstyle! AAAAHHHH Bill What happened?! Delirious Aliens yesterday evening on the net! The subject Bill with blond hair! Wahou!!

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