Sunday, May 13, 2012 - Far East Movement: Bill Kaulitz ist Bereicherung

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Far East Movement : Bill Kaulitz is an enrichment!

U.S. Far East Movement and German rock star Bill Kaulitz - a combination to which they would not come indefinitely. But already a few weeks ago we reported that about Tokio Hotel or their frontman Bill Kaulitz is the first news because he was finally back in the studio. This song came out, "If I Die Tomorrow" and the boys from Far East Movement were of working with Bill over excited.

In an interview with Promiflash reveal how it all happened: "Tokio Hotel were always somehow on our screens. But when we signed with Cherrytree Records, we went to the website and see Tokio Hotel. But of course we did not know they have a huge fan base. " And one day it happened that Bill would them to bring in their song. The decision, which should not regret it: "The Bill can be just wonderfully together. Has sound and tone of voice - we thought that such a vote in connection with dance music has never been heard. It was for us and great dance music enrichment. "

And this is what they see as fans, because regular internet radio show on which the boys from Far East Movement are doing, the fans almost lost control when he first gave a listen to part of this song. "In our radio show we embarked on a small sample of the song" If I Die Tomorrow "and suddenly mingled with our fans and Tokio Hotel fans flooded radio - DJ Virman tried everything, but everything fell, and for more students is not more space - they were too many. In this we felt the power of Tokio Hotel. " When finally hear the song in its entire length, unfortunately, is not yet clear.

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