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"Cool Girl" n° 10/2011 (Roumanie)

Bill Kaulitz: “I don't have a girlfriend, because of the lack of trust…”
Due to his controversial look, Bill always raised questions regarding his sexual orientation. However, what he wishes is a sensible girl, like him…

Question: When you were 8 years old, your family moved to the countryside, in a town of 700 people. What has this meant for you?
Answer: I didn’t like it, not even then I wasn’t ...a fan of the countryside life. You can all imagine the way I and Tom stood out everywhere we went. People looked at us as if we were some kind of aliens or lunatics. And to get to school, we had to wake up at 5 A.M. and take the bus for an hour and see the same faces every day. It was horror, I must admit..

Q: How did the teachers react to the Kaulitz Brothers phenomenon?
A: Tom and me were together all the way to the 7th grade, when we were separated for disciplinary reasons. Right! Anyway, we were always talking and they said they couldn’t control us, while we were still together!

Q: Did you like going to school?
A: I always knew I do not need what school has to offer for me and I wanted to be a musician. And because the teachers were always on my head, I’ve studied my rights, as a student, and I knew what they were allowed to do to us and what not. And I was always protesting! I had teachers that never salute, because my hair was too weird and I had black finger nails. I even remember that one teacher didn’t want me as his student for this reason… So, no, I didn’t like going to school!

Q: So, in your case, we can say that music was the salvation from a common life…
A: Obviously! I always wanted to live in a large city, to walk around… I am scared to death when it comes to talk about routine! This is why the concept of Tokio Hotel fits like a glove on me: I have all the freedom I want!

Q: The media is constantly watching you, doesn’t this bother you?
A: When I was little I always imagined how everything I do is being videotaped with a hidden camera. I wanted constant attention. Now I have it, so why would this bother me?

Q: Regarding the freedom mentioned earlier, your outfits are a clear statement that you are not willing to make compromises…
A: Yes, the fact that I always experiment with my look means uncensored creativity. I want to be the person who decides what image I show the public. Because of this, I’ve never turned to a stylist, just the idea or wearing something imposed by others is horrifying.

Q: OK, so no stylists. Is there, however, a style icon, as a source of inspiration to you?
A: No, not even this. There are some people who help me grow, who give me new ideas. People like Karl Lagerfeld. And, as a brand, Dsquared. And when it comes to music and appearance, Steve Tyler form Aerosmith is brilliant!

Q: You haven’t mentioned Adam Lambert. He talks a lot about you in his interviews…
A: Yes… I appreciate him a lot, but I don’t want things to be interpreted in a wrong way. He has all the right to talk about me, if he wants to, no grudge at all. It even tickles my ego (Laughs).

Q: Talking about appreciation, do you think there will be someone in your life to compete against Tom?
A: Of course not! I couldn’t imagine my life without Tom. There’s something extrasensory between us. There are many times when we share the same dreams, the same thoughts. We don’t even need to talk that much; we understand each other without the use of words.

Q: What differences are there between you guys?
A: This is really funny, we are actually very different. We both have strong personalities, which you can see in our styles. I am more of a glam style; Tom is more of a rapper.

Q: Whom are you closer to: the natural Bill or the stylish Bill?
A: No doubt the stylish one, with make-up and put together. The natural Bill is not that different. In other words I would present myself the same way, even if I wouldn’t be famous. But this doesn’t mean that I do not like to spend my time in flip-flops and a robe, in front of the TV….

Q: Which is your favorite clothing item?
A: This really is a tough question, there isn’t a piece of clothing I can’t live without during tours. This is why I usually carry 10-20 suitcases with me… My dressing looks like a real clothing store. I know it’s a bit extreme, but I absolutely love it!

Q: At every Tokio Hotel show the fans are crazy after you. How does this make you feel?
A: To be honest, I don’t think to much at this. However, there are times when I can’t believe that someone has a poster with us on their wall. I was doing the same thing with my idols when I was younger…

Q: What is the most annoying thing of being Bill Kaulitz?
A: The most biggest problem of people like me is to trust people near them. It’s kind of hard for me too… Maybe this is why I haven’t made a new friend in the last years or I haven’t felt in love with someone. When I meet a new person, I am extremely careful and skeptic. It sucks, but this is a risk of this type of lifestyle.

Q: So, you do not have a girlfriend at this time?
A: No, I am still waiting for that special person I’ve been talking for years. Good luck I am still young (laughs). But time flies by and I need to step up a bit.

Q: But when you succeed in connecting to someone, what kind of relations do you like?
A: Although it may seem surprising, I am an emotional and sentimental person… I like to understand how the other person thinks and feels. This way you avoid the quarrels and confrontations.

Q: Does it surprise you that some people consider you a gay person?
A: Not at all. Some of them think it as a cliché: the make-up and the hair means gay. But this is not the case in all the situations, at least not in my case. Everyone looks the way they want and this has nothing to do with the sexual orientation.

Q: What kind of girlfriend would you like?
A: She needs to be intelligent, so we can talk about everything. I want us to be friends, partners, not only lovers. And I don’t like tough girls, I care about the femininity, delicacy, and common sense!

Q: You’ve moved to the U.S.A., is this a first step in concurring the world?
A: Ha-ha, yes, it’s about that too. We want to enlarge our horizons… To make a new album, much more modern. You will see the result soon, I promise! Anyway, we like it a lot, I go with Tom in amusement parks, we play tennis, we enjoy the overseas’ anonymity. So we take advantage of it, as much as possible. :) Who knows, maybe here I will increase my chances of meeting someone…

Cool Facts Bill’s motto: “Always remember, believe in today, believe in tomorrow, believe in yourself. Believe in everything you do, every time”, which he repeats at every concert. Don’t know if you thought about it, but Bill doesn’t dances! “I don’t like to dance, I rather stay in a corner. There are times when I do it, but only after having a few drinks. I think dancing is more a girl thing, I know it’s a cliché…”
Bill is a vegetarian, so is Tom. This way they’ve learned to enjoy pizza and pasta (they’re favorite meals) in no meat version.
Unhappy experiences, as a consequence of celebrity. “Someone broke into our house in Germany, and this really scared me.”
Because of this, they’ve moved to Los Angeles, a more secure place for celebrities. Bill suffered a surgery on his vocal cords, three years ago. Despite of this, the vocalist returned quickly on the stage, for his fans. A tough thing for him was the divorce of his parents, coincided with the moving to the countryside of the two siblings.
Good luck that artists have the opportunity to let go of their feelings into their work, Bill did just that with the song “Gegen Meinen Willen”, on their first album. Translated by chris_shadowkat / @thus

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